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3Dmitri Studio CGI Visualization

3Dmitri Studio is a team of professional visualizers and 3D artists that are inspired and have a passion creating visually inviting images. We create high-quality renderings for objects and presentation of projects.

We create emotional, realistic and atmospheric visualizations to improve your product presentations to Increase conversions and revenue.



All architectural 3D visualization options are available. We provide both simple and complex exterior and interior 3D modeling and visualization.


We’re available to create and present high quality, visually appealing products. Our artists cover a wide area of visualization expertise –furniture, entire rooms, decor and much more. You will not be able to tell the difference between our images and designs and the images taken by a professional photographer.


Publishing on social networks is necessary for to promote and advertise your products. We can create different thematic images with your product to increase your revenue and sales.

Kitchen visualization

The cost of basic 3D visualization includes

Modeling a scene in 3Ds Max

Selection and modeling of optimal 3D models

Applying materials and textures

Lighting the scene with light sources

1 circle of edits are provided

Rendering of 1 image in 2K resolution

3Dmitri Studio Core Values


We take pride in providing high quality products and services.


We understand the importance of punctuality and completing your project on time.


We take care in protecting all customer and project information. Any disclosure is only made with prior consent.


Our core values of honesty, trust and integrity are built into who we are and how we develop long-term relationships with our valued clients.

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    Making of “Arcs” – Interior 3D rendering project inspired by photographer Kristofer Johnsson.

    Hut adventurer

    Hut Adventure

    Making of “Hut Adventurer” – A very famous art project that was created in 2017 and was reposted hundreds of times on social media.

    By viewing this scene closely, you will be able to ascertain the degree of skill required to create the minute details, light adjustments and materials, 3D modeling etc.

    Autumn mood forest interior design

    Autumn Mood Interior

    The making of this art project “Autumn Mood Interior” was recently created in two languages ​​to help raise the level of 3D visualization for the many new artists.

    Best 3d rendering services

    3D rendering

    3D rendering is a type of 3D computer graphics. 3D visualization allows you to see any object with all its details, nuances and from any angle. With the help of 3D visualization, you can easily create the desired object and look at it not only from any angle, but also with the help of different lighting, as well as evaluate each point of it in more detail and create a high-quality 3D visualization of the interior.

    3D visualization

    The development of 3D visualization has long occupied one of the main places in construction, architecture and other human spheres of life. It makes our possibilities wider, and imagination allows us to embody the most daring ideas into reality. Today, a vivid 3D world unfolds before us, blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy. You can recreate absolutely any object, even not existing in life, but you can do it in such a way that the viewer believes in its existence.

    3D technology

    With the help of 3D technology, you can create colorful and realistic product presentations. This is where the commercial success of any project lies. We will show you what is really worth showing. Your clients will remember the vivid visual image created by the specialists of our 3D graphics studio. They will be guided by it when buying.

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    Please contact us for any potential project questions and suggestions. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

      Hut adventurer


      Architectural 3D Visualization

      The main activity of our company is the visualization of interiors and exteriors. Our services include modeling apartments, houses, offices, cafes, restaurants and production areas. We provide an opportunity to take a virtual walk around the future object in order to really feel the harmony of the interior design of the room.

      You can order a volumetric design of a kitchen or any other room from us where it is planned to install dimensional equipment and furniture.

      The cost depends on the level of complexity and the degree of detail in the overall picture. The chosen style and design features of the space are reflected in the price.

      The cost in a simple, minimalist style will be much cheaper compared to a gothic or classic style. The amount is directly proportional to the efforts of the designers and the time spent on their work.

      The price is significantly influenced by the saturation in the interior in terms of the number of details and various elements, as well as the number of required image angles.

      Interior and Exterior Archviz

      The main focus of our company is the visualization of interiors and exteriors.

      Our services include modeling apartments, houses, offices, cafes, restaurants, and production facilities.

      We provide you the opportunity to take a virtual walk around the future room in order to really feel the harmony of the interior space design.

      It is possible to order the volumetric design of a kitchen or any other room from us, to plan where to install any equipment and furniture.

      Costs for services:

      The cost of your project is directly proportional to the effort and time spent on the design by the designers. The cost reflects the chosen style and design features of the space.

      So the complexity and degree of detail required in your images will determine the final cost of your design.

      A simple minimalist style will be much cheaper compared to the Gothic or classic version.

      In addition, the price is significantly affected by the saturation of the interior by the number of parts and various elements, as well as the number of required image angles.

      Quality and Professionalism

      Visualization in our design studio will be the best solution for your interior design. We are an experienced team of talented designers who quickly and efficiently to develop 3D projects.

      The projects are based on the modern 3d max program, Vray and Corona Renderings. We take on projects in any style, using creative ideas, interesting combinations of colors and textures.

      We develop designs in three ways:

      Develop an original design for a particular room, taking into account its particular features and space

      Execution based on the finished template

      Based on the wishes and recommendations of customers

      We aim to complete projects in the shortest possible time at very affordable prices.

      To calculate the cost of your project, contact our design specialists, who, based on all the factors and features of the 3d project, will determine the exact cost of your future project.


      Why You Need 3D Visualization

      Residential complexes, cottages, public areas, and private estates – this is the area that can be designed in a virtual space long before its embodiment in reality.

      3D visualization of the exterior allows you to design volumetric images of any objects using computer graphics.

      The exterior, that is, the appearance of buildings inscribed in the environment, has its own architectural forms, as close as possible to reality. Volumetric space filled with objects can be viewed even from a bird’s eye view.

      At the same time, the desire to bring the image closer and to consider any fragment also will not remain unfulfilled.

      With the new 3D building visualization technology, anything is possible!

      Features of Archviz

      3D visualization allows you to evaluate in detail the merits of your future home, cottage or any other room.

      Today, it’s just as feasible as looking through a professional design magazine. 3D views of finished houses look much more attractive and visual than the mass of complex multi-page drawings, which the customer may not understand.

      With the help of 3d visualization of the building, the client can comprehensively study the facade of the future house, the type and material of the roof, the shape of the windows and the decoration of the walls.

      Any construction company will receive much more clients if it succeeds in presenting to potential buyers not just individual real estate, but a whole complex with developed infrastructure, made in 3D visualization mode.

      Future owners of apartments or offices can walk along virtual avenues and not just look around the corner, but make a complete tour of all the buildings around.

      This makes it possible to feel how organically the architecture fits into a specific landscape.

      Why Rendering is Better

      Using modern 3D visualization programs allows you to adjust projects at the request of customers at all stages of development.

      By making corrections and additions to the appearance of the buildings being created, it is possible to create a new reality before our eyes.

      Visualization of the exterior is able to perfectly simulate in the volumetric-spatial graphics both residential complexes and individual cottage villages, as well as entire micro-districts inscribed in large-scale urban plans.

      Work on redecorating or overhauling low-rise buildings or large buildings will also be much more effective if you first calculate the necessary parameters for the changes.

      3D visualization will help to correctly select building materials for future construction, visually presenting them inscribed in the general context.

      It also helps to see objects made of brick, stone, wood, and other materials, visualizing their properties.

      3D graphics can transmit not only the finest gradations of color and texture of facing surfaces, but also simulate a variety of light sources.

      As a result, with the help of renderings, it is possible to answer all investors’ questions in advance with their comprehensive visibility and imagery of projects.


      Most frequent questions and answers

      How can I pay?

      Mainly we accept payments via SWIFT transfer.

      We will start your project after a 50% prepayment. At the end of the project, you pay the 50% balance.

      In case of long term cooperation we can do one monthly payment.

      Can I sign an NDA?

      Of course. If your project is confidential, we will happily sign a non-disclosure agreement with you.

      We are very careful in this matter, as we understand how important it is to keep future projects confidential.

      How can I start a project? ​

      Everything is very simple. To start your project, leave your contact details or write to us by email. Our contact manager will quickly get back to you and start working with you to arrange the transfer of your project’s materials so we can make an accurate estimation and lead time.

      In addition to collecting all of the necessary information to begin your project, we will arrange all Skype calls and correspondence to be sure that we have everything necessary to start.

      After that, you will receive an exact schedule of work, and a team of artists will begin work on your project

      What type of file do you accept?​

      We accept all types of files. Just leave the conversion to us. We can even work with 2D drawings or hand sketches. The presentation form is not as important as the clarity of the presentation. So feel free to send us what you have. Often we work on client’s mood boards and implement the design in our studio.

      May i get 3D scene of my project after its finished?

      Yes. This is possible. But you cant use it for commercial purposes

      Who buying 3d models for projects if it needs?​

      We buy models for no more than 30$. Usually, this is enough for 3-4 high-quality models. We also have our own database of models, which has almost everything you need.

      Models over 30$ are bought by the customer.

      How we will communicate?

      We use various tools for communication, ranging from mobile messengers to the usual and very efficient e-mail.

      What is the delivery time frame?

      Typically, we schedule one week for a project of any complexity.
      Keep in mind that you will see the first photorealistic result in 2-4 days!